Get Involved!

You don’t have to know how to surf to make an impact in a child’s life.

Our volunteers are as diverse as the island community in which we live. Join our team and create positive waves in a child’s life.

Ocean Girl Project Surf Camp Volunteers are AWESOME!

Volunteer Opportunities

Lead a surf camp presentation and fun game

Help at beach clean ups

Bring or return surf boards

Surfing  ( guidelines below)

Contact: Camp Coordinator Colleen Kudo text or email: or call (808) 852-0106


Ocean Volunteers

• Need to be familiar with local surf breaks
• Have normal body strength and endurance
• Be able to read the ocean
• Strong Swimming skills
• Calm leadership – keep students relaxed and safe while they are with you
• Basic First Aid skills
• Basic knowledge of lifesaving skills
• Awareness of environment and other people

Beach Guidelines

1. When at beach, we review waves and conditions each day before entering ocean.
2. All surfers are required to wear rash guards in the ocean.
3. During beach clean-ups everyone wears gloves.  Please do not pick up sharp objects,  liquid or heavy items.
4. Only staff, volunteers and ogp students are allowed to use the equipment.
5. When equipment is not in use, please rinse, wrap leashes around boards and set in a safe area away from others.

Common sense and overall ocean awareness ensures everybody has a safe & wonderful day at the beach.

What you can expect

• To have a lot of fun, long times in the sun and ocean (hats, rash guards, sunscreen )
• Feel wonderful, you made a huge difference!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel Ramones says:

    Hey guys! Its Rachel from the last surf camp, last summer and I was wondering if I could be a volunteer this summer if its not too late to help me with my senior project? It was fun being with you guys last year, so just get back at me at Thank you!


    1. Aloha Rachel! No way, it is not too late, sorry I have been supa busy, I will get back to you soon with more info. We would LOVE to have you volunteer. big hugs, Colleen


    2. Come to the beach clean up Saturday if you can, we are going talk about camps for summer 2012! Love you..


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