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Eyes of the Reef « Community Reporting Network for coral disease, bleaching, COTS and marine invasives


DLNR’s Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) is supporting the first-ever Bleachapalooza; a grassroots effort that will bring volunteers together statewide to receive training on how to identify coral bleaching in their areas and how to report their findings to the Eyes of the Reef Network (www.eorhawaii.org).

On Oct. 3, 2015, when ocean temperatures are predicted to peak, trained volunteers will simultaneously get into the ocean on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Island to look for bleaching on coral reefs. The information they gather will give a better understanding of the extent of the coral bleaching and future conservation options for reefs statewide.

In advance of Bleachapalooza, the Eyes of the Reef Network is offering free coral bleaching identification training. Training is not mandatory to participate in the event but you should be a confident snorkeler, free diver, or SCUBA diver, have a basic understanding of what coral is, be able to recognize white, bleached corals. For updates on the Bleachapalooza event, check the Eyes of the Reef Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/eyesofthereef).


Island-specific information for Bleachapalooza is as follows:

Bleachapalooza Coral Bleaching Identification Training

Sept. 30, 2015 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.
Dive Oahu at Discovery Bay, 1778 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 3
For more information or to RSVP: peytdiver@gmail.com


Source: Eyes of the Reef « Community Reporting Network for coral disease, bleaching, COTS and marine invasives

Summer 2015 won’t be the same..

Aloha, I am so very sorry to say we are not holding the OGP surf camps this year. I hope you will please stay connected to us on Facebook for updates and other community/ocean girl project events this fall. I want to make sure and send a BIG Mahalo to the parents and ocean girls from past surf camps for staying in touch and mahalo to all those offering to volunteer this year! I greatly appreciate your understanding and loving support. Love to all our awesome volunteers, surf on ocean girls!

Much Aloha, Colleen Kudo

OGP Founder & Surf Camp mama.

ps..though we are not holding the week-long camps I have been stoked to be surfing with OGP surf camp graduates, if you would like to join us, you can write me: colleen@oceangirlproject.com , message in our ocean girl project Facebook page or I will sea ya in the ocean soon!



I will be adding more soon but had to share some of these beautiful intention mandalas the girls made, they are awesome. We combine self-care, yoga, surf, art, marine education, Hawaiian history, sustainability and water safety  into 5 days of AMAZING sharing.

Happy-ness, love, peace, kindness, appreciation, compassion, sensitivity

Happy-ness, love, peace, kindness, appreciation, compassion, sensitivity

Flown at our camp to carry in the wind and surround the world!

July Ocean Girl Camp

We had an AMAZING week of learning, art, surfing, laughter and play at our July 7-11 Ocean Girl Project surf camp! BIG Mahalo to all the AWESOME volunteers, parents and supporters. Thanks to you, everything we did was safe, meaningful,we appreciate your generous gift of time and for being so helpful.


Day one: Nerves!! Always the hardest day, meeting new people, not sure what to expect, finding our way. We start with a talk on ocean and surf safety and the girls learned S.O.A.K.

We played games and began to loosen up with our new names.. apple, mango, wolf, owl, sushi, sea star, Faith, and Jeannie.


Jeannie Chesser brought the girls Roxy hats

Awesome caps, Sun care is fun care, girls don’t forget your sunscreen!


We went into the calm ocean and participated in safe water challenges like swimming to Faith ( perfect name!). We held buddy contests, floated and jumped around. Everyone did GREAT! We have a bunch of beautiful ocean girls who love the ocean.  Next: Begin surf and surfboard skills, discuss tides, surfing etiquette and safety.

SurfCo Hawaii donated surf safe Pro Teck fins, nose and tail guards for our camp surfboards. Surf Tech donated use of epoxy boards that small hands could carry.

Uncle Doug came each day and drove the ocean girls to our surf spot in the cool VW surf van. GREAT FIRST DAY, surf was fun, girls were safe, waves plenty and we all laughed and learned a lot.  Everyone tired, hungry and stoked.


What to do if you find yourself in a rip current

The best thing to do is learn to spot rip currents and avoid them. However, if you do find yourself in a rip current, remember the following. It could save your life!

  • Don’t fight the current – Conserve energy, keep calm, float, breathe, don’t panic, and wave for help
  • Swim out of the current, then to shore – Swim out of the current in a direction following the shoreline. When out of the current, swim at an angle–away from the current–towards shore.
  • If you can’t escape, float or tread water – You can easily float in the current, there is no undertow.
  • If you need help, call or wave for assistance – If there is large surf or shoreline hazards, wave your hands for help and wait for assistance

How to Avoid and Survice Rip Currents

Diagram courtesy NOAA’s National Weather Service



Morning started with Miss Sarah leading us in a wonderful energizing ocean girl yoga session, next we created a nature mandala and decided our ocean girl intentions for the week. The girls started their marine debris learning and art with Jan and Loke.  Surfing on day two, waves and wind are up, everyone a little jostled, we are sore and tired but we stay stoked!!!! #oceangirlproject


Surf bigger and wild so we learned SUP at the park. Shannon started our morning with food, yummy. She taught the girls how to make healthy snacks. Jeannie came and taught the girls Stand Up Paddle. She also taught the girls how to make reusable bags out of t-shirts and Shannon stayed to help. Re-purpose and our responsible intentions! SUP use donated by SURF TECH!!



Sustainable Ocean Arts and Gifts by Ocean Girl Project Volunteers Holiday Event


Support local artists and help provide camps for girls. 

Ocean Girl Project collective surf and ocean arts! Art & Flea

20% of the sales from Ocean Girl Project Art & Flea booth #9 go to scholarships for girls in Hawaii. 

Preview items & location map below.

Handmade soaps from Colleen Kudo, beautiful candle holders and water colors from Jan Hayashi, gorgeous jewelry from Jeannie Chesser, divine shell art from Billie Farrell, exotic jewels from Ali Bayless, crocheted goodies and hand drawn Christmas cards from Kaily Wakefield, and so much more!!

Hope to see you, Friday November 29th 5-10 pm!

Ocean Girl Project Team Members & Artist

Jan Hayashi– Maui-born, surfer girl at heart, I strive to keep my art sustainable:  recycled and re-used items, original photos, and watercolor paintings. My  hand-picked beach glass/shells/micro plastics bring the beauty of our beaches into your home and can raise awareness in a creative way, on the negative impacts of plastic on our beaches. Jan is one of those people ALWAYS making a difference, we are so grateful and blessed to have her on our Ocean Girl Project team!!seaglass-oceangirlproject-art2



Jeannie Chesser:  We are sincerely honored to have Jeannie Chesser as member of our Ocean Girl Project team! She is one of the rocking pioneer women surfers from back in the day and truly a living legend plus champion surfer.  Jeannie is mother of much loved and highly admired big-wave surfer Todd Chesser who passed away in the big waves of ’97.

Jeannie’s surfing career began in 1964 in Miami, she moved to Hawaii a few years later in ’71.  Since about that time Jeannie has made her living airbrushing surfboards, but that is not all.  For 30 years she did the surf report for radio and call- in phone lines.  She is also a former commentator for the Triple Crown of Surfing and other pro and am surfing events, Jeannie is a retired professional surf contest judge, and currently a spotter at the Eddie Aikua Big Wave Surfing Invitational.

Jeannie occasionally enters short-board surf contests,  most recently she won the Roxy 30+ short-board division at Queen’s in Waikiki (summer ’13).  She is up at dawn and goes surfing every day!  Jeannie is a remarkable and inspirational  female surfer plus all around terrific role model for people of all ages.  We are so, so grateful for all she has done and continues to do for kids in Hawaii, mahalo Jeannie!

Jeannie has been making  jewelry since the 70’s but most intensely the past 15 years.  She has collected shells all of her life and incorporates them into her beautiful creations. As a self-taught artist painting using acrylic airbrush on canvas and wood she creates perfect waves,  flowers,  and Hawaiiana. Her jewelry reflects the ocean with use of shells, pearls, mermaids, and turtle shapes.

LOVE!!! Copper OGP cuffs!!

copper-ogp-jeannie-art-oceangirlproject.JPG bangles-jeannie-art-oceangirlprojectearrings-jeannie-art-oceangirlproject

Jeannie’s  jewelry can be found for sale at her home shows,  Hawaii State Art Museum gift shop downtown Honolulu,  Ocean Girl Project Art & Flea, and at Whaler’s Village on Maui, go to their sister shop called Oceanology. www.surfarts.com


Colleen Kudo, Founder Ocean Girl Project: Love surfing, sharing the ocean and Hawaii with others and laughing!

My life is passionately devoted to surfing, teaching others how to surf, and promoting sustainable ways of  living.  In 2008, we started Ocean Girl Project Sustainable Surf Camps and the camps are beyond incredible. We now have camps each year and provide opportunities for kids in Hawaii to connect to the ocean and learn to surf safely!!!

In 2014 we are expanding our Surfing services in order to do more to help kids and people in our community.  (STOKED!!!)

Find us smiling at Booth #9

front-back-surf-stoked-soap nalu-wreath-oceangirlproject rose-mint-sage-thyme-lavendar-sugar-cocnut soap-mermaid-surfergirl-ingredients

Ocean Girl  handcrafted wonderful smelling mermaid organic & local ingredients,  plus magical blend of  essential oils, herbs, spices, botanical, clays and other awesome ingredients.  Blissful pau surf shower soap.


Kaily Wakefield: Any day spent on, in, near, under, around, talking about, and or playing in the ocean is a good day for me!


Billie Farrell wearing Kaily’s Cool Head band!

My name is Kaily Wakefield, I am proud to be a part of Ocean Girl Project. (WOW.. we are so STOKED to have you and all your wonderful beautiful energy!!!!)

kaily_surf_lesson_ocean_girl_project_surfstainable_surf_camps_I grew up surfing, snorkeling, body surfing, and body boarding (whenever Mom or Dad could take me to the beach). I believe passionately in the power of positive thinking and that everyone big or small can make a lasting impact in this world.

While attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I realized I could make the greatest change in my life and the lives of others by sharing my passion for the water with them.  Inspired by this idea, I began teaching swim, surf, and other recreational activities to people of all ages.  My favorite part of teaching is being able to help people accomplish things they never thought they could.  Come share in my inspiration and see for yourself what all the stoke is about! See you in the water.



Ali Bayless: Ali is an avid surfer, mermaid, marine biologist, and artist.  She creates unique jewelry pieces by drawing inspiration from the ocean and her travels.  She is also a very talented photographer and video woman, we are so lucky to have such an awesome talented smart surfer girl as one of our team members at Ocean Girl Project!!! ps>>She doesn’t like long bios, lol!


FIND US!!! Ocean Girl Project is in BOOTH #9 middle tent!

2013 floor map

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Mahalo Ocean Girl Surf Camp supporters!

Some of the tremendous reef fish we love, Ocean Girls , Surfing Pros and Surfing Legends who support Ocean Girl Project!

Surfing Legends, Pros and Ocean Girls

Surfing Legends, Pros and Ocean Girls

Next time you see them in the lineup, say Aloha and MAHALO for your courage and stoke!!


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