Kids Konserve helping kids in Hawaii, saving the environment

Aloha! Thank you for checking us out! In case you didn’t already know, Ocean Girl Project (OGP) is a totally unique sustainable, kids, educational,  and surf organization here in Hawaii. Why is this? Primarily because our mission is to offer financial assistance to all families of girls who are in need. How? This is accomplished …

Surfing Parents Meet up!

Are you a parent on Oahu that wants to surf but has a little one that can’t be left alone? This group is meant to unite like-minded surfing moms AND dads to support each others’ love for the ocean while also caring for our children

Wild Dolphins in Hawaii and Captivity Part 1

Our very existence depends upon healthy oceans; dolphins and other cetaceans represent a critical piece to this huge ecosystem and in a world where so much that is wild and free has already been lost to us, we must leave these beautiful mammals free to swim as they will and must.

Sustainable Sushi Choices and Practices

Fresh, cool fish, subtly seasoned rice and the tingle of wasabi—sushi the essence of the ocean in one bite.  Nothing we eat reminds us more of surfing! The sushi that we eat today has its origins in fish preservation techniques that are hundreds of years old. Then, fish filled our oceans. Today, there are serious…

Hawaii, taking care of our ocean environment

The ocean is  Hawaii’s most important natural resource. Did you know that more than a quarter of the sea life here is found nowhere else on the planet? For all of us, it’s important to practice the ancient Hawaiian tradition: Malama kai, meaning to take care of our fragile ocean environment. Remember when enjoying the…