a gift for ocean girl project

Created by Artist Desiree East for Ocean Girl Project, we are so grateful!

Artist Desiree East

ocean girl project art work by desiree east

A gift for my soul surf sister, Auntie Colleen of Ocean Girl Project.

Auntie Colleen had reached out to me and asked if I could create a logo for Ocean Girl Project, a sustainable surf camp for girls. Why, yes, of course I would. That sounded fabulous! 

Have I mentioned Ocean Girl Project before? Well, I probably have. But, if you haven’t checked out their website, it’s a must. Auntie Colleen and her beautiful team of volunteers teaches young girls how to surf and fall in love with the ocean. On top of getting sun-kissed and playing in the waves, the girls also learn the importance of embracing and taking care of Mother Earth:

Our hope is to foster a love and appreciation for the ocean and environment, enhance self-confidence and connect kids to strong community role models.  We teach sustainable ocean related activities that can benefit them now…

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